ANPRS (Automated Numberplate Recognition System)

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We are medium size privately held technology company based out of Mumbai. We are in the Software and Consulting business since 2004. We have customers spread across the globe. We have a long-term relation with our clients including those who are with us since the beginning of our journey. We have over 20+ Microsoft certified professionals, 10+ Microsoft MVPs regularly consulting us.

We work very closely with our clients and understand their problem. We use technology and our expertise to solve the problems and bridge the gaps. Clients are often not well versed about the capabilities of the technology. We collaborate with our clients to create customized solutions as per their needs.

We at Hirdhav believe that technology should be Accessible, Affordable and Available to everyone. We prefer innovation and creativity while designing solutions.

We believe in constant learning which has always encouraged us to work in multiple technologies and multiple domains. We have worked in many industries like Agriculture, Finance, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Media, etc.

In 15 years of our journey, we have learnt various processes to make deliveries and projects successful. We follow industry standard practices for project development and deliveries. Since 2016 we began using OKR (Objectives and Key Results) and it has helped us to achieve better results and great customer satisfaction. We would like to share our success story with OKR and how we have integrated it in our culture.

At Hirdhav, we evolve and improve our self by continuous learning process. We believe that learning is a never ending process, we are always learning and discovering new things that allows us to continue on the path of success and keep up with the industry demands.